Betty Prime

Get a unique and flawless music experience.Take Prime and go to a whole different level with more than 1 Betty. to make your Discord server special. Betty provides No restrictions, only the music decides.

Buy Prime for just $3 per month using me by clicking on the link below.

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24/7 Playtime

The bot stays in the voice channel 24/7, ready to play when you join.


Audio Filters

Allows you to speed up, slow down, nightcore, vaporwave and bass boost songs.


Lyrics Command

Get access to the Lyrics command and sing with your friends or start a karaoke night!



You know the moment when you play a game and listen to music and the music just stops? When your queue ends, Betty will automatically play something else!

fast song play


You want to share your favorites songs or just want to save them? Not a problem with Betty Prime create your own playlist and toggle them if the playlist is public or not, give the playlist a unique name or like and up vote another playlist!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Betty Prime?

With Betty Prime you can ignore all Vote Locks because you don't need to vote for that!

How can I transfer my premium subscription?

When you buy a key and redeem it you can join support server with a screenshot of your reception and ask for a transfer!

Is my payment secure?

All transactions are performed through Sellix and are 100% secure.
Added to that, payments are secured through SSL which means that all your data is encrypted to keep
every bit of information as safe and secure as can possible be.
We never see or save any informations about you, all of this is handled by Sellix!

Can I get a refund?

To solve this question please read our refund policy.